Tower Defense Sandbox

Project Update: The project is being reworked, which will take some time.

Tower Defense Sandbox. Is a tower defense game that takes place in a sandbox style environment. The original prototype was built by members of my capstone team; Chi Shen, Pengfei Zhang, and Sravan Karuturi. After testing the idea we took it further as a group and brainstormed all kinds of different ideas. Ultimately, we did not pick it as our project but I still really love the idea. I feel it has so much potential and really want to continue working on it.

The objective of this game is the same as other tower defense games. Build towers and stop the enemy hoards from destroying your base. Expect that this is also an action, sandbox game. The player is free to move around the world with their first-person avatar. They can and must gather resources themselves. Using them to build their towers and other defenses. The enemies come in waves, giving the player a bit of time to get ready between each.

Currently the game gives off a Minecraft style feel but what we really want is something more Dragon Quest Builders, Landmark, and Orcs Must Die. A less blocky world that is still sandbox like. With the placement of prebuilt defenses.

Once the project moves ahead enough I'll post a video of the original prototype and one of the new project. To show its roots and how it has changed.