RPG Test Project

This is my passion project. I am using Unity to build a testing area for my RPG ideas. Building this on my own has been a great learning experience and I feel that there is so much more to be gotten out of this project beyond the things that I am currently working towards. Below are the most recent screenshots of the project. All of the older screenshots can be seen in the Gallery. Notes about the project are in the Development Log.

This project has come to a close. Due to how long I've been working on it, the changes in engine/assets I've been using, and in my own personal life. This was an amazing experience. I used parts of this (character controller/combat) for a class in rapid prototyping. This was absolutly worth working on, even being such an ambitious project I entered it knowing it would never be a complete thing and that was OK. It didn't need to ever be anything other than what it became. We can only do what we can do and have fun doing it. I will be taking what I learned here and applying it to my capstone project, where I will be the gameplay programmer on a custom crossplatform (PC/PS4) engine.