RPG Test Project Development Log

Log 10 - Final Log:
This project has come to a close. Due to how long I've been working on it, the changes in engine/assets I've been using, and in my own personal life. This was an amazing experience. I used parts of this (character controller/combat) for a class in rapid prototyping. This was absolutly worth working on, even being such an ambitious project I entered it knowing it would never be a complete thing and that was OK. It didn't need to ever be anything other than what it became. We can only do what we can do and have fun doing it. I will be taking what I learned here and applying it to my capstone project, where I will be the gameplay programmer on a custom crossplatform (PC/PS4) engine.

Log 09:
The update of Morph3D did not resolve any issues. It in fact created more. I solved this by directly dowloading the files from Morph3D's website. Then I gutted my scripts and started over. This has been going well and now I have basic movement and combat animations working. Next will be wait timers on actions and interaction with other game objects.

Log 08:
Updating the game from Unity 5.4 to 5.5 and to Morph3D 1.6.1 which hopefully will help resolve build issues. I'm gutting the combat interaction and starting most of it over. The last tests were very insightfull and I've got a lot to work on to get the base combat mechanic working as smooth as I'd like it to. Finally I found what I want to move forward with for combat so should be able to make some nice progress over spring break.

Log 07:
Implemented a basic combat system. Using hotbar commands with the alpha number keys. Player can use 3 different attacks, 1 ability, and 1 tactical point attack. Added a number of skeletons for the player to attack which do not do anything yet. I ran into many issues getting the program to run on a build. Still working on that but I got the chance to talk with the folks from Morph3D which is the character model that I am using. They were very helpful and hopefully I can resolve the issues and continue to use their product. The last few weeks of working on and off have been a great learning experience if nothing else.

Log 06:
Its been a long time since I've had time to work on this. Feels great being able to get back to it and get some stuff done. Got more work done on the scripts for characters and have set that aside for now to work on more animations and combat. I'll be in and out of the character scripts while working on combat. My goal is to have a working prototype done over break so it can be tested in the spring. I've written down so many great ideas over this last semester and am very excited to try some of it out.

Log 05:
After having put the project aside for awhile I found some time to come back to it. I have now added a basic UI of HP, MP, TP, and SP. Each color coded with a moving bar and numbers. The stamina bar drains when you run and refills slowly when not in use. Currently setting up scripts for the character race/class system.

Log 04:
Added trees, grass, water, waterfall, and changed out the old skeleton character on the player to a new model. I found the Morph3D MCS Male Lite pack on the asset store. It is a very detailed character model system, but is great because I don't have to do any of the modeling and can focus on integrating it into the project instead. It doesn't come with any animations, but the standard animations included with unity's third person controller seem to work well with it. Now I have a male elf model attached to the controller, with walk, run, turn, crouch, and jump animations. This brings me to a point where I need to step back and look at larger aspects of the project to determine what I should work on next.

Log 03:
With the rough terrain laid out I felt I should get the camera on the controller not clipping through the terrain or other objects. It uses a raycast bumper system from Daniel P. Rossi in his smooth follow camera script on the Unity Wiki.

Log 02:
After having made a working controller to explore the terrain I proceeded with modeling more of the terrain. Started by using the height tool to outline how I wanted the area to look and then went a head and made mountains to wall off the area. Next were the raised areas with ramps, and finally textures to give it a feel of life.

Log 01:
I started this project because I love RPG's, have many ideas, and needed a place to test them. The first thing I build was a terrain. I didn't really know how big it should be so the initial size was large, with a small spot setup to put a third person player. First I played around with the default third person controller that comes with unity. This was not to my liking, and I wanted one that acted more like a MMO controller. So I gutted the controller and rebuilt it to work the way I wanted it to. It uses a empty game object as the controller with a camera and model attached to it. This way I can move the camera independently of the model, while having both move together.