Path Wars

Path Wars is a two player game inspired by the amazing Mark Wars, that was featured at GDC 2018. Mark Wars is a game that combines a large analog game board with two robots. The robots will follow a "marked" path until they either hit a dead end, where they will turn around or an intersection. At intersections they will randomly turn right or left. The goal is for the player to get their robot from their base to a goal point. They do this by marking lines on a hex grid, hence Mark Wars. Each player has a short time limit to make a mark, then it switches players. Players may mark any one side of a hex piece that is not blocked off. It's a great game, super fun to play, with tons of replay ability but difficult to actually market. Due to the high cost of the robots.

Path Wars is a digital branch of this idea. This is a personal project with no current intent to commercialize. Just a fun project that I really wanted to work on. The grid here is square, each player will select one square to start at and one next to it to end at, making a path between them. It doesn't matter where on the board they select as long as they can select a node not already in the path. The goal will be to get your path follower to a goal point first.

I'm starting simple, there will be a premade grid of nodes that are not apart of any path. The player can click on them and make short, straight pathways. Once this is done I can expand further. I have so many different ideas and would like to test many of them individually and together with others.

I've completed a simple, single machine, two player game mode. I wanted to do a network version but ran into build issues. The game ran fine in the Unity editor but not when built. For networking I used the basic built in functions and believe that a null reference was causing the issue. Though I did not take the time to really dig into it. Instead I branched into a single instance game. Completing the prototype was more important.

The project started off as a quick proof of concept but I let myself get a bit carried away. I switched back to single instance due to time constraints. I've got two other projects to work on, I'm seeking employment which is a full-time endeavor in itself, and balancing both of those with family life. My wife just recently gave birth (7/17/18), a baby girl, and now we have two children. Wyatt and Eagwene. I'm happy with where the project is and hope that I can come back to it at a later date to do more.

You can download a zip of the executable to try out.