Graphics Engine Music Game

Below are screenshots from a graphics engine developed while taking a Game Graphics Programming course. While it is called a music game, it really is not. We needed a game concept and this was what the group choose. Each student was tasked with making an basic engine for rendering graphics using DirectX11. Then we grouped up to push one engine further and make a demo game to show off what we had done. I was the group leader, responsible for guiding our project plan, assigning work to members, and keeping us within a reasonable scope. We used my engine as a base. For my part of the project I added in normal maps, transparency, rewrote the renderer twice, and attempted to keep the code base as clean and neat as possible. I also handled the scene building, mesh, material, and entity classes. I learned a lot from this project, mostly from having to restructure the renderer class to handle more and more features as the engine grew. While graphics is not my main area of interest I had a lot of fun while working on this project and am using the engine as a base for my engine in Console Development on the PS4.

Group: Darren Farr, Pengfei Zhang, Shih-Huang Chu, and Rahul Madhyan

You can view the project on github or download the project here.