Project LoFi

Project LoFi was a group project for my Game Development and Algorithmic Problem Solving II class. Our objective was to form teams of 3-5 people and come up with an idea for a game to be made in C# / XNA. I was the group lead of a team of 4 people who came up with the idea to do a turn based game with 3 levels which can be seen below. My job was to take the collective ideas and form them into something that we could accomplish in our short time frame. The main game loop, asset loading, enemy control, game menus, and intro/credits screens were my responsibililty to create and code. The game uses the z, x, and c keys during gameplay, with numlock and escape as special debug keys. This project really showed us the importance of scope and time managment. It was a very fun project.

You can see the project on my GitHub, download an executable or a zip.