Destiny 2 Titan

This section covers the missions on Titan.


Titan, moon of Saturn is our next stop. Here we are reintroduced to the Hive and in true Hive fashion hordes of thralls. Titan is a new location and the play area is a set of floating platforms. The different types of Hive enemies are slowly introduced as the player progresses. After retaking the control facility for Zavala and Sloane the mission ends in a cutscene with Zavala. It shows his doubt about moving forward and gives a sense of helplessness but hope. This helps a little to save the sense of impending doom that never quite makes it in the story.


Restore power. When the player starts up the generators and something goes wrong, there is a great visual representation of this on a monitor. Great touch of detail. This mission also highlights Titan as a place to learn how to jump. The player must figure it out or they will not be able to proceed further. The jumps are not difficulty but are laid out in a fun fashion and the experienced guardian can zip along on the edge of danger. It’s a standard, doesn’t work, go fix it, still doesn’t work, kill the menace kind of mission.


This takes the player deep into Hive territory in the arcology. This is a beautifully done area, high tech that has been overgrown by nature. Oh, and by deep, I mean deep down into the Hive area. After traveling down and grabbing a CPU for the mission, we need to escape and it’s a long way back up. Handily enough there happen to be a few vehicles available, for reasons unknown, since they have no weapons there probably for transport. Got to say the escape is fun.

Driving over the Hive and smashing through barriers in a frantic escape is a nice change of pace. It’s a bit odd when you get out though. Instead of taking the CPU back and finding out what the decrypted information is it just cuts to a cutscene showing the Cabals superweapon, the Almighty, a destroyer of stars. Which probably has something to do with the information, but it’s disconnected.

Now the story jumps from let’s rally our forces to we must stop the Almighty. Zavala needs his fireteam and it sounds like it’s going to be up to the player to find them. It’s a bit too much of a jump suddenly for me. All talk of resistance and gathering other guardians is lost in the shuffle of finding the rest of the Vanguard.