Destiny 2 Strikes

Here I will discuss thoughts about Strike Missions.

After completing the story, Zavala reopens the Strikes. This time however there is only a playlist. The option to choose your own strike is gone. This is sad. It continues the trend in Destiny 2 of removing player choice, as seen in many other areas of the game. It totally makes sense that strikes are not available until after the story, something they didn’t do with PvP. Which again stresses how important PvP is to the overall design of Destiny 2.

The question though, is why just a playlist? Why not allow us to pick which strike we’d like to do? There is no strike specific loot this time, so repeating one for a certain piece of gear is gone. I’ve not timed each one and perhaps they are not time balanced and that would allow for excessive grinding of one over the others for loot. This could be countered by adjusting the amount of loot received to correspond with the average difficulty of each strike. It isn’t always fun to get the same one two or three times in a row. Especially if it isn’t one you like.

The strikes themselves are fun and well done. They each add a bit of story to the post game and offer different challenges. They take place in both public and private areas of the maps, allowing other players to present at certain points. Also, they’ve done an amazing job at making “wide open hallways”. First person shooters are well known for taking place in “hallways” as it’s much easier for both designer and player. The player doesn’t really have to think about where to go, just what to shoot, and the designer has far more controller over the experience the player will have.

More space means more free form possibilities, meaning far more situations the designer may not account for. While open spaces can be great fun for the player, allowing a multitude of approaches to each problem, it can also leave the player feeling awkward when they do something that wasn’t account for and a strange result occurs. In Destiny 2’s strikes the designer have done great at creating both enclosed close quarters and open area combat spaces. Through the placement of objects and room design, many of the open areas provide many ways to deal with the current task while keeping the player focused and engaged in the task at hand. Though being distracted for a moment by an amazing view or set piece is OK too.

Thoughts on strikes going forward.

Keep up the great layout designs. Add strikes to the map so that players may repeat them or add a few to Zavala’s options for the player to reply like Ikora and Asher have. These could rotate daily, thus giving the player some choice while not allowing the spamming of a single strike. Though I don’t see any issue with that. Also, Zavala could sell modifiers for strikes that are purchased with tokens. These would increase the difficulty and rewards.