Destiny 2 Public Events

Public Events

Public Events are fun, short encounters open to anyone that walks by. Sadly, though after a while they lose their luster. There are only a few of these spread across the worlds and many are repeats on other worlds. I think that a few changes could really spice things up and keep them fresh longer and something to come back too for more than just the weekly grind.

With the influx of unused tokens across all areas of the game, one possible use of these would be to sell the player a one-time use item that adds a modifier to the upcoming public event. Each of the planetary NPCs (Devrim, Sloane, Failsafe, Asher, Vance) could offer different modifiers each week. These modifiers would be the same that are found in the Nightfall and Heroic Strikes.

To use a modifier the player would need to approach the flag, rally to the flag, then open their inventory and use one of the items. This would then update the UI to show the modifier by the countdown timer. Testing would need to be done to see how many modifiers should be allowed per event. As well as how the event should change based on each modifier.

Allowing players to do this gives them a since of control and flexibility in the fun they have. They’re not just doing the same old events repeatedly. Now they can change it to be either more fun and/or more difficult. The rewards would need to scale in some fashion depending on the modifiers active. They should be tracked so as not to drop too many tokens thus feeding an abuse of the system to gain an unnecessary advantage through repeated modifier use. The primary reason for this is to enhance the gameplay but as with all things an equivalent reward should be offered.

Ideas for new Public Events

I feel that public events could go further in being public than just having other guardians with you. Curse of Osiris has done a great job in taking events further. It has almost mini puzzles and many parts to it. In the past, we've guarded a lot of stuff and blown even more stuff up. Destiny 1 only had 7 different kinds of Public Events. Destiny 2 launched with 7 and Curse of Osiris added one more to make 8. Already more than Destiny 1 and while this is great, Public Events play a bigger role in Destiny 2 than they did in 1. With them being visible on the map and Cyade-6 having you do a weekly with them, they have more time in the spot light. Thus, making it far more noticeable that I'm just doing the same old events repeatedly on all the different planets. Prior to Curse, Witches Ritual was the only event to be exclusive to a planet.

Events being exclusive to a planet due to their unique nature is great and more would be welcome. The EDZ could have one based around the Cabal vehicles. Nessus could have a transport event, something that we haven't seen done before. Where the players are escorting "something" and must go from point A to B with it. Finally, Io could have a Taken event. The player's need to cleanse and hold areas that have been contaminated with the Blight. Each of these would need balancing so that one guardian can minimally complete them of course.