Destiny 2 Nessus

This section covers the missions on Nessus.


On to Nessus and the Vex. As Vex do they have converted this backwater icy rock of a centaur into a lush bio robotic paradise. Here we’re also introduce to our next planet NPC Failsafe, a ship AI system with a split personality. Cyade-6 has gotten himself into trouble, which seems par for Cyade and right in character. He went off hunting some Vex tech, which he doesn’t really understand. Nothing beyond Failsafe stands out here. She is intriguing.


Time to save Cyade-6. This mission really shows off the beauty of Nessus. I really like the Vex architecture and feel the areas are very well laid out. This mission has the hardest boss yet. There are many minions and one can become overwhelmed easily. Cyade-6’s personality really shines here. Though your time on Nessus is rather short.