Destiny 2 First Mission

This section covers the missions for Curse of Osiris, both on and off Mercury as well as other topics related to Mercury.

Curse of Osiris bring us to not a new planet, but new to story and exploration. Mercury, first planet from the Sun, home to the Sunbreaker Titans, the Lighthouse, and transformed by the Vex. We’ve been to Mercury in the past in PvP matches and to visit Brother Vance for the Trials of Osiris. Now we come to discover what has happened to Osiris, as his ghost Sagira has been found disabled.

The story takes us to Brother Vance who sends us to the EDZ to see other Disciples in an attempt to revive Sagira. It works after a fashion. She leaves her shell and shares with your ghost, who kind of gets shoved to the side.

With Sagira guiding the way we head back to Mercury in search of Osiris. Here we find out that the Vex mind Panoptes must be stopped or the Vex will see their preferred timeline happen. This is what Osiris say in the opening cenimatic. So, it’s off to Io in search of a map. After traveling all the way down to the bottom of the Pyramidion, we do not find a map (that’d be too easy) but instead find some coordinates in the Infinite Forest.

Heading back into the forest we go, in-route to the location we learn that the Vex are directing the Cabal to destroy it. While this was enjoyable it would have been cool to have had some pressure with it actually being timed. After crushing the Cabal, we find the map is understandably too big to read. I mean it’s a map of all the Vex timeline simulations.

So, it’s off to Nessus this time to hunt down a Vex mind capable of reading it. Ops, I think we damaged it a bit too much, oh well. We got an image, and Ikora suggests we try the past instead. So again, back to the forest. This time we really find what we’re looking for except Panoptes is on to us and steals Sagira.

Now we know where to find Panoptes but cannot enter the forest without Sagira. Enlisting the help of Ikora, we get back into the forest, hunt down Panoptes, and with Osiris’ help we defeat it. Yay, disaster averted, see old friends/legends, everyone goes home happy.

Overall, it was good. Wish I could have fought more Vex, and not had to make silly tower trips when I have a communication device. As for the rest of Mercury. The new map is very cool, but a bit small. The size though is no excuse for why we cannot use our sparrows here. The public event is great, it’s a larger event and takes more coordination to complete and even more to trigger the heroic version. The only issue I have with it is that the gold chests are tied in with it and getting the event to go the way you want so that you can get them can be frustrating.

The new strikes are both great. They are also great examples of wide open hallways that I talked about in the Strikes section. My only real issue with Curse of Osiris beside it being kind of short is the Infinite Forest. The forest is a reality engine, designed to simulate all kinds of stuff, and we get a bunch of easy to jump over areas. The areas are neat and each one feels like a set piece that can enter connect with other pieces for some form of randomization.

But unlike the strike/mission specific areas they are not good open hallways. There are too many easy options to just jump/run past all the enemies. This isn’t an easy task and even just making the attempt is a great effort. Testing some procedural generation in a AAA title like this is risky, but the rewards could be great. It is worth further pursuit.