Destiny 2 First Mission

This section covers the first mission. This mission gets its own section due to how different it is from everything that has come before it and that comes after.

Spark – While Hawthorne offers shelter to those who fled the City, a vision points to a long-forgotten place.

This is the first mission after losing your light. The player has had a vision and seeks out a giant shard of the traveler. Without the light, the player cannot resurrect and so must try to not die. The starting point is reminiscent of starting off in Destiny 1, your placed on a road outside of a wall. I noticed this time that if you wait too long to make your way through the wall Hawthorne gives advice on how to get through.

This time the wall is more of a dividing wall then an outer protection, it’s a short walk through and on the other side we find the dark forest. It gives off an air of dark foreboding. Shortly after the player is confronted with what would have once been an easy jump with their abilities. A running jump works well but it’s easy for veterans to be caught off guard not having those abilities anymore as I was on my first run through. The player moves underground and must use the ghost for a light to see. It feels intended to bring about a bit of anxiety from the lack of light and sight but then nothing happens. Which is OK, it probably would have felt kind of cliché to turn the lights off and attack.

Instead the player comes into an open area and is attacked by cloaked Fallen. It’s only a few and lacks any sense of danger. If your weapon isn’t killing them you can just melee and they die fast. You don’t take much damage and is probably only dangerous to new players. There is plenty of walking with no enemies and along the way you find your first loot chest. Though it’s kind of in your face and feels too intentionally placed.

We make it back outside and are now close to the shard of the Traveler. There is the giant shard in the distance and a smaller one much closer. As the player walks towards the small shard they encounter more Fallen enemies. It’s only a few at a time and feels completely geared towards people new to the FPS genre. There is no challenge for the returning guardian and the whole feeling of being without the light is lost. After taking out a few Fallen it changes to a cutscene and you get your light back.

This then leads into waves of Fallen but this time you’ve got abilities. There are pools of light around the area and they recharge your abilities. This allows the player to use the super, grenades, and class ability repeatedly to learn how they function. This felt very well done and was lots of fun. It’s a neat way to let the player go nuts with the class, a preview of why they can do should they continue to level it. After a small boss, the mission is over.

Honest breakdown. Short, lackluster fear factor, and totally geared to newbies. Very cool for new players but with so many veterans coming over from Destiny 1 there really needed to be a mode for veterans to be a true sequel. The ending part felt good and fun, getting to know my new abilities, and flexing the light once more.