Destiny 2 Io

This section covers the missions on Io.


Off to the last new planet, Io, moon of Jupiter. Here we meet Ikora, Warlock of the Vanguard on her journey to find answers. This is the last place the Traveler was terraforming before the Darkness came. She is rather upset that the Cabal are poking around this scared place. Though they have a presence on other planets this appears to be the largest outside of Earth. You also meet the Taken again here, as well as Asher Mir, an eccentric Awoken NPC.


Time to get in and get dirty. Why are the Vex here? Taken make some sense but not Vex. No one is surprised either. The taken do not seem to have had any changes made to them like all the other enemy types. Strangely when our Ghost asks about Rasputin Ikora tells us that he is the only Warmind and that his network was fragmented during the war. So is this a contradiction to previous stories of the other Warmind Charlemagne? Or is this clarification that Rasputin is the only Warmind and that no others existed, since lore seems to be unclear on this.