Destiny 2 Finale

This section covers the final push to take back what is ours.


Time to work towards shutting down the Almighty. This mission required level 15 and was the first one I was not already leveled up enough for. At halfway through 14 it wasn’t not too far off with minimal side effort. This mission has a tank with cool weapons this time. The level is well designed for tank combat and includes obstacles to solve in and out of the tank.


Time to crawl through a ship almost literally. The player makes their way through access corridors and vent shafts to find a certain Cabal. In true fashion, the boss is a bullet sponge, so much hp. Some adds will cause the player to move around a bit but overall not a hard fight.


Shuttle stealing time. I went into this mission at level 20 so having access to better weapons hopefully will make it a bit easier. This mission introduces a new Cabal weapon. It is a stationary turret that rapid fires. It does not have a lot of health but does do a lot of damage. Mission ends with the typical defend the ghost while it hacks the tech.


Time to take the Almighty down. This is by far the most different environment to date. The bridge transition is a bit odd. As you wait for it to form, if you run out to the end you start getting attacked and then it switches to a no respawn area. These should happen in no combat zones like they usually do. Instead your stuck waiting for the bridge to finish and the enemy ships to be done offloading enemies. Why are we airdropping troops here anyway? Doesn’t seem like a place to be flying around a lot. Later, why are there Legionaries in the rock crusher? Not a place I’d hang out.

Also since the Almighty needs planet chunks for fuel and Mercury is the closest to the Sun, why are the Vex allowing this to happen? They have a big claim on Mercury. They converted the whole planet into a giant machine and later we discover just how much it means to the Vex. This seems to be an inconsistence or oversight in the flow of the lore. After the typical blow the coolers, the player must make a mad dash to get out before it blows.


The final mission. The player is put in the city and sent to back up the Vanguard. The first few sections are public areas. So, you may encounter other players which is cool. Saving the city together. After a bit, you transition to single fireteam space and move towards the Vanguard. Who have spent too many decades cooped up in the tower and have forgotten how to fight as a team. The teleporter is ready, and it is time to fight Ghaul. The player is transported to Ghaul’s command ship and must make their way to the top. A few trash fights later and up go the player, time for the showdown.

This fight is interesting in how it mixes up the 3 types of light being used against you, the light pools from the class tutorials, and a few trash mobs. It fits the story well and is a welcome change. Makes him feel less spongy because of the mode changes. There is also an aerial battle taking place in the background, nice detail. At the end, the Traveler awakens. Very fitting and the after credits scene has a good tie in for future content.