Destiny 2 Farm

The Farm is the new and starting social space for Destiny 2.

The new social space is the Farm. Located on the outskirts of the EDZ or European Dead Zone. It’s a small, old, and well laid out farm setting. There is a house, barn, dock, and outbuildings. Everything is used for a purpose and close enough together that it is easy to do everything you need to in short order.

Outside, the area that you can see but not go to is the Earth returning to its natural uninhabited state. Mountains, fields, and forests can be seen in the distance from the dockside. The other side has an important object of interest, a Shard of the Traveler, along with other farms and more nature. They’ve included a soccer ball or football and two goals which keep score up to 3 and then declare the winners. This is a great touch.

At first glance, it is obvious that the farm has been converted from its abandoned state to be used as a base by all the odd tech attached to the buildings. It feels like it is, a makeshift base. On a negative note, there are open places that you cannot enter. Being blocked arbitrarily doesn’t feel good or make sense. The main farm house has two doors that you can see into the house but cannot enter. Should have just closed the doors. Though that brings up topics that I will discuss in a different section on a critical analysis of the world.

This is where you first meet NPC’s. They each have voice overs and additional text to go with what they are telling you. Along with a description of who they are. This is nice and informative over the previous game. After talking with a few NPC’s it’s time to start the first mission.