Destiny 2 European Dead Zone

This section covers the missions on Earth before leaving it the first time.

Back on the Farm – Post Mission 1

The first mission automatically takes you to the Farm after its completion. Two things pop out when you arrive. There are icons over Shaxx and Hawthorne’s characters.

First, I went to Shaxx, he ran the Crucible in Destiny 1 and gives you some text about how it is more important now than ever. This doesn’t make any sense at all. You are the only guardian with the light. How are you going to participate in the Crucible? The whole point of the story is the light is gone and somehow you and you alone got yours back.

This also doesn’t really work well when you’re out completing missions and/or public events with other guardians. Don’t get me wrong the story premise is great and compelling. It just needs a few tweaks, so the player doesn’t have to stretch so far, the suspension of disbelief.

Second, was a visit to Hawthorne. She sends you off to the EDZ or European Dead Zone to help her friend Devrim and the refugees there. This also opens the map for Earth. The new director system is very well done. Not only does it show you the whole area it tracks the public events. Missions and adventures are trackable and after a while you unlock multiple places to travel to from orbit or via fast travel if your already on planet. It also has a destination tab that shows all the planets you can visit and select their map to check out and a roster of players.

EDZ - Earth

Our first Adventure, A New Frontier. It starts off showing us a Fallen banner and how to look for clan markings. Then guides the player to a region chest and talks about the need to stay supplied. Then it takes the player down into a lost sector for a mini boss fight and a new type of loot crate. At this point the player has been shown several things they can do while on the planet. The adventure ends and opens a new mission and two more adventures.

Strangely though the new adventures have recommended power levels lower than the one just completed. In the Calling Them Home adventure I noticed that the signal booster was called a patrol beacon. Seems a left over from system text that either didn’t get changed or isn’t changeable to suit the task at hand. The adventure ends in a typical defend the area scenario. This is also the point where the player starts getting green gear mixed in with the white that has been dropping. It also needs noting that the second and third adventures take the player to parts of the map that can have enemies far above their current power level. Which doesn’t fit in with the low requirement.

Mission Two - Combustion

Contains some great character banter between Hawthorne and Devrim making them feel more like people. The elevator crashing down is missing area shock damage. The player finds a sniper rifle and is given a good spot to put it to use. A section presents the player with an area trapped with trip mines and serval different ways to get around them. The end of the mission brings a bit of moral choice to play, though we really don’t have a choice. It is also revealed that the light is in all things and will find a way to protect itself. This is a juicy bit of lore. The end of this mission brings a close to our first stop on Earth.