Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris

This section covers the first expansion, Curse of Osiris.

Destiny 2's first DLC expansion, Curse of Osiris. One of Ikora's hidden have brought back Sagira, Osiris' ghost. She is in an inactive state and we are tasked with going to Mercury to figure out what has happened. My first thoughts on this expansion are yes, finally more on the Vex. Everyone else has gotten so much story and content and we missed out in Destiny 1 with the Vex Void DLC never making it in.

My second thought though not so happy. Wait, what happened to the story, we’ve got tons of Red Legion in our solar system, causing unknown amounts of havoc, aren’t we going to do something about them? Why is it a trend to keep forgetting about plot lines and characters? Sure, you can say they’ll be back later, but with that not really happening I’m not convinced.

Yes, I know there is so much lore and so much going on that it would be tough to do so but I feel it could be handled better. At the least drop some lore bits here and there to tie things up or add more missions or adventures to make a complete set.

So, ignoring the Red Legion tromping all over our backyard, the Vex are a more pressing matter. They wish to as always, conquer all other life forms and have apparently found a timeline that will do so. Osiris has seen this and seeks a way to stop it. This is covered more in the Mercury section.

Overall the DLC has been positive, it brought new and needed life to the game. The level cap has increased by 5 and the power level by 30. New missions, adventures, and strikes have been added. Along with the Forge in the Lighthouse, allowing us to make cool new weapons. It had some rough moments in how activities translated but that has been cleared up. New PvP maps and playlists are also a welcome addition, though picking your own would still be even better.

Along with these additions the game has also seen upgrades to the NPC’s, many now sell legendary armor and/or ornaments for armor. Non-exotic weapons can drop or be made into masterwork weapons, which can have one stat buffed up. Xur sells new items and will help you finish those hard to complete exotic collections.