This is my master's Capstone project. My role was gameplay programmer, producer, and minor designer. I handled group coordination, inside and outside communication, documents, presentations, and the majority of the gameplay programming.

Download a 7zip of our build here.

The team.
Darren Farr, Chi Shen, Pengfei Zhang, Shih-kuang Chu, Rui Xia, and Sravan Karuturi.

Darren - Gameplay Programmer, Producer, Minor Design.
Chi - Engine & Tools Programmer.
Pengfei - Level & Combat Designer.
Shih-kuang - Animation Systems.
Rui - PBR & Lighting.
Sravan - Artificial Intelligence.

The game.
“Code Blank” is a 3D, third person action game set in a cyberpunk city. The game has its own unique take on combat through the use of hand to hand combat mixed with a floating robot companion that becomes both a sword and a gun. Combat can either be simple or complex by either repeating the base action of punching or using various button inputs to create combo actions. We will also be creating our own custom cross-platform engine. We have two distinct objectives to fit our team needs: interesting gameplay and the creation of a custom cross-platform engine, both of which are explained in further detail in our design document.

My research: What makes a digital game an RPG?
RPGs have been around for a long time in analog form. The digital RPG started in the 70’s and since has evolved in various ways over the last 47 years. What makes a digital game an RPG? Does it have the exact same properties as its analog cousins or is there room for difference? Are there specific things a digital game must have? Is there only one definition of RPG or is there room for some variance? Can we and should we clarify what a digital RPG is?

The design document can be viewed here, after completion. We are currently working on transisting the document from a design document to our Capstone Defense document. Which will be posted when it is finished, in early May 2018.

Some early demo videos are Engine and Unity. which show case a tutorial level in Unity and the base of it being exported to our engine using a custom plugin. If you're interested in seeing more, please contact me.
Below are an image of the game in the Engine and in Unity.