I attended Rochester Institute of Technology and received a dual degree (BS/MS of Science) in
Game Design & Development.

In the final year of the Master's, I lead my capstone team in making a vertical slice of a multiplatform game.

In the Fall I finished my classes and was employed as a TA/Grader for an intro to Unity course.

My personal motto is "Love the Journey", getting to the end of a game feels great, but the journey their is just as important. Whether your playing or creating a game the journey from start to finish should be an enjoyable experience. I want my players and fellow creators get lost in the magic along the way.

The passion I have for video games and love of building new things or reshaping old, whether through code or my own hands led me to RIT after obtaining an Associate of Science in Computer Science at Mohawk Valley Community College.

MMORPGs are my favorite and I hope to someday help create an awesome game that people really love.