3D Final Project Unity Scene

Below are screenshots from unity of my 3D Animation and Asset Production Class Final Project. It was a 5 week group project. I was the group leader, responsible for guiding our project plan, assigning work to members, and keeping us within a reasonable scope. For my part of the project I designed, modeled, uv unwrapped, and textured the outside terrain, interiror hallways, guard rooms, and mess hall. Alex designed the temple and treasure room, I modeld and textured them. I also textured all of the interior props execpt the spider (Melissa), treasure chest, torture chair, table, and chair (Alex). Unity scene design was a group effort with placement of all assets and everything unity being my responsiblitly. This was a very fun project and I would like to continue working on it at a later date.

Group: Darren Farr, Aliaksandr Shumski, Jesse Cooper, and Melissa Young

A WebGL player is availble for Chrome here. Currently resolving an issue with it running with bugs in Firefox. A web player for Internet Explorer: Play, or download an executable.